Stop Sub Floor Costs from Getting Out of Hand

How much does Sub Floor Ventilation cost?

The discovery of mould or rising damp in your sub floor area might make you queasy. And not just because of the smell. Some companies charge a lot of money to install ventilation systems under the floor. This isn’t the kind of expense you plan for and unfortunately, you can’t delay fixing rising damp or mould until you have the extra cash. You need to stop it in its tracks because sub floor moisture causes a lot of damage quickly. Luckily, you have us. We pride ourselves on helping you take control of sub floor ventilation at minimal expense.

Sub Floor Ventilation cost doesn’t have to hurt

Sub floor ventilation costs only start to spiral when you decide to hire a company to take care of it for you. Because it’s an urgent and often unexpected problem, sub floor ventilation costs can hit where it hurts. But many people don’t realise they can get rid of sub floor damp and moisture on their own, for very little cost.

sub floor ventilation costs
Save a little coin by choosing a DIY sub floor ventilation kit

A DIY Sub Floor Ventilation kit can save you money

At Sub Floor Fans warehouse, we try to keep the sub floor ventilation cost low. For some people it doesn’t have to cost much at all. If there is a suitable power point in place and you have some DIY skills, our kits are perfect for you! A kit suitable for a 60m3 area costs just $249

sub floor ventilation cost

Can I still use a DIY kit if there’s no sub floor power point?

You will need to have a power point wired and installed in the sub floor if there isn’t already one there. To do this, you will need to hire an electrician. Obviously this is more expensive than it is for the people lucky enough to have an available power outlet. Don’t let this put you off though! Choosing a DIY kit might still prove to be the most cost effective solution. We recommend that you get a quote from your electrician before purchasing one of our kits. That way, you are making an informed decision.

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The information provided is general in nature and is therefore not always in line with your unique situation and requirements. We advise you to seek professional advice as we cannot be responsible for the items you purchase for your project as each situation is different.