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At Subfoor Fans Warehouse, our mission is to provide quality fans and components for a wide range of sub floor ventilation applications.

This means you can effectively ventilate your underfloor area for an affordable price compared to what some the costs of consultation and installation that some other companies quote.

Our aim is to provide the information and principles behind effective Sub Floor Ventilation so that you can make an informed decision as to which solution is most effective.

For more information please visit our Sub Floor Frequently asked questions section.

One of the reasons why we are so popular is because we offer ‘DO IT YOURSELF’ solutions. Continue reading to learn more about these systems…

What do you consider a DIY system?

By definition our DIY Sub floor kits are kits which contain fans that come connected to a lead and plug (they plug into a standard powerpoint like any other household electrical appliance). Basically, we consider anything that does not require an electrician for installation to be DIY.

You still need some ‘handyman’ skills. These skills include the ability to mount an inline fan, connect ducting securely and cut holes for vents.

How much work is involved in installing a system?

The amount of work involved varies depending on the size of the area, the complexity of the system you choose and how accessible/clear your sub floor area is. One fan systems can be set up quickly but systems with multiple fans and inlets take more time. Its best to give yourself as much time as possible to do the job properly!

How do I know if I can install a DIY system?

Tthis depends on your circumstances but the two main things to look for are:


  • Do you have good access to the underfloor area or crawlspace?
  • Do you have a power point in the sub floor?

If you answered yes to these questions, installing one of our systems should be relatively easy for a competent handyman. If there’s power point for the fan, then you need a qualified electrician to install one. Luckily, this should be relatively easy for them to do! If you do not feel confident enough to install the system then its best to hire an electrician or handyman to complete installation.

Sounds Great – Show me the Kits!…

Our kits service areas from 35m3 all the way up to 200m3.


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