Why Does My Subfloor Have Inadequate Ventilation?

Your subfloor area may have inadequate ventilation for a number of reasons, some relating to original building issues, others to issues which may arise later due to things like building work. The most common issues include:

Original Building issues:

  • None or not enough vents.
  • Internal Walls go right down to the foundations so instead of an open space under the house, there are many walls blocking air flow.
  • Heating/Cooling ducts blocking air flow.

Later issues:

  • Extension built later, typically concrete floor which may block one side.
  • Heating/Cooling ducted system added, ducts block air flow.
  • Garden bed rises and or vegetation grows, blocks vents.
  • Very wet season, unusually high humidity under house.
  • Water problems like leaking pipes or bad drainage causes high humidity.

The information provided is general in nature and is therefore not always in line with your unique situation and requirements. We advise you to seek professional advice as we cannot be responsible for the items you purchase for your project as each situation is different.