How Can I Tell If I Have Subfloor Mould problems?

Often, you don’t enter the underfloor space to detect signs of sub floor mould. If there is mould in the sub floor, you might notice:

  • A musty smell
  • Discoloured floor patches
  • You may feel/or display symptoms of mould and dust mite allergies.

As sub floor spaces begin to rot and decay, the floor above sags, buckles, or becomes uneven. If the problem isn’t treated, you might notice mould under the carpet or flooring.

It’s easier to find mould when you get under the house with a torch. In the sub floor crawlspace itself, warning signs include visible mould growth, musty odours, and discoloration and/or signs of visible damage on the wood.

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The information provided is general in nature and is therefore not always in line with your unique situation and requirements. We advise you to seek professional advice as we cannot be responsible for the items you purchase for your project as each situation is different.