TT Mixflow Plastic Inline Fan (250mm)

Model: 250
Max. Capacity: 1350m3/hr (on high) 1160m3/hr (on low)
Max. Power Consumption: 177w
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Please note that the lead and plug option is suitable forĀ  DIY install. However if you want to use this product in conjunction with speed controllers or other accessories an electrician will be required to hardwire them to the fan. For this reason, if you are purchasing accessories, we suggest the option without the plug and lead.



TT Mixflow Inline Fans – 250mm

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The TT Mixflow Inline fan range is a collection of quality in line fans that is most commonly ducted and can be used for many exhaust applications, including sub floor air transfer. This model has a long life, continuous rated ‘German made’ ball bearing motor.

The TT Mixed Flow in line exhaust fan (250mm) has two speeds (available by connecting to the relevant winding). The lower setting has an output capacity of 1160m3/hr, the higher setting has an output capacity of 1350m3/hr. If the fan is set on the lower setting, the fan is much quieter. If you wish to switch between the two speeds the fan will need to be wired to the relevant speed controller (see accessories below).


TT Mixflow Inline Fan Features

  • Ball bearing motors with two speeds.
  • Built in overheating protection with automatic restart.
  • Motor protection rating IP X4.
  • Clever design ensures easy service and maintenance access


The TT mixflow inline fan can be mounted in any place along the duct system and at any angle (vertical or horizontal). Several fans can be mounted parallel or in series to each other to increase the air capacity and/or operating pressure. The casing is fitted with a mounting plate for wall mounting.

Typical Installation Diagram of a Sub Floor System with Inline fan:


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